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People often don’t realize the importance of a resume, it is the first thing a hiring manager sees. First, you need to know that a recruiter or hiring manager may only spend five seconds reviewing your resume, 30 seconds tops. The more professional your resume is the more likely it is to be reviewed. Depending on the type of position and type of company, if your resume has more than two mistakes it will be trashed. Make sure your resume is only one to two pages. No hiring manager is going to read past the second page.
The font must be the same throughout the whole document. Fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial work best. Make the whole resume only black text. The whole document should be in the same font size, your name can be one or two sizes bigger. Never go smaller that 10 pt., 12 is ideal. If it is too small the hiring manager won’t be able to read it, and no one wants to strain their eyes. Make sure that all the formatting is the same, ex. if you have bullets in your description don’t use a paragraph later in the document.
Avoid using “I” and “me” in your resume. If you are still employed at the company then the description should be in present tense, ex. filing not filed. If you don’t work there anymore it should be in past tense, ex. filed not filing.
Also, make sure that your resume clearly shows what you do and what you have done. If it is unclear your resume will get trashed. Proofread many times to ensure it is perfect. If you need help with your resume MS Word has templates and assistance or you can contact a recruiter. But be careful, some Word templates are too busy and won't look good to potential employers.

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