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Sales Representative



  • Know the company name & web address

  • Have you taken a look at the website, what did you find interesting (make sure you do your homework)

  • Find out as much about the company as you can through the website-their history, their current situation and their future plans

  • Make sure you understand the position and the primary responsibilities and what is expected of you

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your interview​

  • Make sure you know the names and background of the people you are meeting with

  • Dress appropriately for interview

  • Bring copies of resume – minimum of 1 for each person you will meet

  • Make sure you bring the same resume that was sent to the client (any changes, version, etc…)

  • Be just as professional and detailed with HR as you would be with whoever else is interviewing you


  • Mirror the person’s greeting (strength of handshake, etc.)

  • Make sure to have eye contact-first impressions are lasting impressions

  • Be able to walk through your resume

  • Be able to elaborate for 30-60 seconds for each bullet point

  • Be prepared to cite specific examples of achievements and how these experiences can help the company solve some of its problems

  • Definitely concentrate on your most recent positions, but don’t neglect your early career, considering those earlier positions are what helped to bring you to where you are today

  • You always want to have strength in your answers-sometimes it’s not all about WHAT you say but about HOW you say it

  • You never want to give one word answers. If the answer is “yes” then you want to say “yes and…”, if the answer is “no” then you want to say “no but…” you don’t want to leave anything open-ended

  • You want to be able to sell yourself by giving examples and painting a clear picture of where, when, how, what, and why you did it

  • If there ever comes a time where you don’t understand a question, do not be afraid to gain clarification

  • Remember that the prospective employer will base their hiring decision on:

  • Your attitude and business poise

  • Your image presentation and communication skills

  • Your experience and skill set

  • Your education and certifications

  • Your technical background

  • You want to give short little blurbs about job changes, you don’t want to ramble on

  • Answer questions honestly and directly, and be discrete: honest and direct answers are disarming and relatively rare, they are also very effective

  • Remember to play up your strengths

  • If you have to talk about negative experiences, make sure to point out what you learned from them and why you won’t make the same mistake again

  • Be positive about your reason for leaving your current job or any previous jobs

  • If you’ve been fired or laid-off, stress how much you learned from the experience and how it has helped you become even better at what you do

  • Frame your answers so that you let the interviewer know that you see this job as a means to achieving your ultimate career goals


  • Questions researched off the company web site

  • You want to do your homework on the company and you want to be able to ask well thought out questions about the company and anything else that would help you learn more:

  • You can ask about the history and growth of the company

  • Ask what has been the biggest advance in the recent history of the company and what the biggest setback was

  • Ask what a typical day is like

  • Ask where they see the company going in the next several years

  • What are the three main qualities they are looking for in a candidate?

  • Greatest challenges – 6 months/1 year down the road

  • You want to ask the interviewer what he or she finds challenging about the company/his or her position

  • Ask about the backgrounds of the people interviewing you

  • How did they get where they are today? Where did they start?



  • If the interviewer has left anything out that you need answered, ASK

  • Ask if there is anything in your background or qualifications that they would like you to elaborate on

  • If you are interested in the position, MAKE IT KNOWN

  • Have a firm handshake and the end of the interview and remember to thank them for their time

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